Right off the bat let me say this ‘when we talk about real object teleportation, there is no restrictions in Nature; restrictions are only applied within the current science’. So your question is definitely correct, what does inhibit real, physical object teleportation with today’s physics?

Simple answer

The simple answer is that our science is wrong; if Nature is teleporting objects and we cannot perform the application using our current science, then this is quite obvious. Tesla told us over a hundred years ago our science was wrong. Even Einstein, a year before he died, wrote to his friend Michele Besso stating he believed our science was wrong. So what is the inhibiting factor?

Put versus move

Physics declares to ‘move’ any object within our 3-dimensional space requires both energy and momentum. No real problem here, teleportation never moves anything, it merely ‘puts’ it somewhere, never moves it. Real object teleportation application would take an object at Point A and instantaneously ‘put’ it at Point B (anywhere within the 3-dimensional Universe). No energy or momentum would be needed to ‘put’ objects verses moving objects. So in effect, no physics laws were violated with the teleportation’s ‘put’ analogy. So who/what is doing the ‘putting of objects’?

Nature controls the roost

Nature is doing the ‘put’! Why? It comes down to another physics law ‘The first law of thermodynamics’ which states nothing physical can ever leave the Universe, without creating a huge energy release. A better explanation being any physical object leaving the Universe would create a tear in the Universe’s fabric, that would yield huge amounts of energy to repair the tear; possibly more than speed of light squared. So if somehow an object was removed from the Universe, it would create a huge boom!! But what really happens today, many objects disappear and no boom happens. Why?

First Law of Thermodynamics is the key to teleportation

Let’s just give nature a few more neurons than today’s scientists; it knows some events are bound to happen, i.e. tornadoes, planet’s polar reversals, sun solar fares, even experiments in science laboratories, etc. whereby real physical objects could dematerialize. Therefore, should it just blow the daylight out of everything surrounding the missing object? Or maybe a better solution would be, just ‘put’ it somewhere else. If Nature intends to maintain the 1st Law of thermodynamics, it would be required to be ‘put’ instantaneously; thereby no object really ever left the Universe. How could Nature just ‘put’ a physical object (size and complexity being immaterial) at another location without moving it?

An analogy

A good analogy is what you and I do almost every day with our technology; we teleport objects! We use an application called ‘cut n paste’ we cut (dematerialize) a computer object on our screens and then paste (rematerialize) the object at another location. It is not instantly but the ‘putting part’ is darn fast and that part also using no energy or momentum on our part. Are we mocking Nature’s teleporting scenario? Where does this violate physics current laws?

What physics laws?

To understand current physics laws, one needs to understand how they were/are created. Theoretical physicists, at a minimum, have two major constraints: 1) assume the Universe has no intelligence (it is stupid), and 2) all laws stem from observation within the physical Universe. So right off the bat we have a conflict, some intelligence is needed to make the decision to either put the physical object somewhere else, or blow the heck out of everything. The second conflict exists by holding steadfast to no intelligent Universe, everything here today had to be there at the beginning (Big Bang). All our physical objects were created through an evolution process starting from energy to elementary particles to atoms to you and me. In this evolution process ‘quarks’ and ‘leptons’ (electrons) emerged from energy magically. Quarks are the predominate mass of all physical objects and cannot be just ‘put’ somewhere else instantly, they are required to be moved by energy and momentum; thereby making real object teleportation impossible. This relates to our ‘cut n paste’ analogy could never happen either, because no software (intelligence) and the hardware (computer) just being nothing more than a rock. So who determines if real object teleportation is a reality?

Who determines if real teleportation is a realty?

I put my money on Nature is the only real institution that can determine if object teleportation is a reality versus any human scientific thinking! I would agree with both of the two most intelligent individuals in the 20th century, our science is wrong. In fact, I could believe the U.S. military already has real object teleportation based up the scientists they acquired in 1945, plus some claims made by individuals in the past and today. Needless to say they are not locked to the science being taught today.

“There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen.”― Jim Lovell

Let’s you and I make real teleportation happen!


What laws of physics inhibit real object teleportation?