Does teleportation exist? Honestly, has anyone teleported before?

Teleportation happens in nature, but some scientists will always have excuses for the phenomenon. However, honestly the only real scientific experiment that has teleported real physical objects (including animated) which is publicly available was outlined in the U.S. Air Force Teleportation Report of 2004. The Chinese performed two sets of experiments one in the 1980’s and another in the late 1990’s using children trained in psychokinesis. These children were able to transfer objects through space and even through and beyond physical barriers with their trained minds.

Science today claims hogwash

Now today’s physicists states this is hogwash, it takes both energy and momentum to move any physical object in our three-dimensional space. These physicists are absolutely correct; no one could ever move any object without those ingredients in our spatial world today or ever in the future. Including by using their minds, or any other means; normal or paranormal. If this is true (I strongly believe these scientists), then how could nature and the Chinese children achieved their teleporting phenomenon?

3rd Grader Answer to achieve teleporting

The answer is quite simple, even a third grader can understand it. Physical objects are NEVER moved, they are merely PUT at different locations. A perfect analogy is when we transfer objects on our computer screens, smartphones or other technology today. We have a couple of options: 1) select an object and drag it to a new location, or 2) cut the object and paste it at a new location. By you and I dragging the object to its new location, we are exerting both energy and providing momentum (moving). However, when we cut the object (it disappears) and then when we paste it (reappears) at the new location, no energy or momentum was needed on the object during the transfer. Something behind the curtain did all the work; something just ‘put’ the object there; obviously the computer hardware and software. So how does this compare to real objects getting ‘put’ somewhere else in our 3-dimensional world?

5th Grader Answer to stuff behind the curtain

Again is is so simple that even a 5th grader could understand it if they use the ‘cut n paste’ analogy outlined above. All that is needed for the stuff behind the curtain to perform the ‘put’ scenario is to first make the object disappear (cut) and then just tell it where to ‘put’ (paste) it. That stuff behind the curtain (nature) does all the transferring of physical objects outside our 3-dimensional world. Now there is another extremely important scientific theory that prohibits this scenario. This being the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, no physical objects can be ‘cut’ from the Universe without huge consequences; like a atomic explosion! So, how could the Chinese children and nature perform this ‘cut n paste’ teleporting phenomena?

High School Answer to 1st Law of Thermodynamics

Okay we need to bump up the grade level to high school now; in actuality the objects never leaves the Universe. This is where we separate from our technology model of ‘cut n paste’. We could cut the object, go eat lunch and come back and paste it anytime later; time is not a factor in this scenario. But the stuff behind the curtain in the Universe, time is extremely important; after all the 1st Law of Thermodynamics is nature’s law not science. Science just discovered it, not created it! So to get around this problem, the stuff behind the curtain transfers (puts) objects instantaneously, thereby it never actually leaves the Universe. Therefore, in reality, some natural phenomena that makes real physical objects de-materialize (like some tornado’s) could be actually teleporting these objects verses creating atomic bomb like scenarios?

Who is more intelligent Nature or our Science today

It is extremely doubtful any intelligent behind the curtain scenario would be stupid enough to blow the daylights out of every object and it surrounding which becomes de-materialize by any means. Honestly speaking, the behind the curtain smarts far exceeds any science being taught today. However, with that said ‘I firmly believe we do have the technology to perform real object teleportation today’. And will go as far to say it is very possible the U.S. military already has it! The only prohibiting factor is what we are being taught in school today