TelportX is

Teleportation eXpress, Inc. a Corporation
dedicated to develop real object teleportation technology.

                The company perceives transferring object through space is nothing different than what we are performing with our technology screens today with the application we call ‘cut n paste’.  In reality many of us started doing this while in kindergarten as children transferring objects from magazines to our precious art work. 

          The company views the teleportation application initially be used entirely as a means to transfer objects into and through space, versus exposing the technology to the general populace.  This has two major advantages, one being it would not upset the economic stability of the public world, and second, the space endeavor would provide the means to develop multiple generations of technology and many different applications.

          The company is aware that real object teleportation resides outside the current scientific thinking, but believes this will not hinder the success of developing the technology.  It should be noted the U.S. military has developed technologies that resides outside current scientific thinking, possibly even teleportation. The company intends to use many of Nikola Tesla theories, which were entirely based upon a modified ‘ether’ Universe during his time.

          The technology will be low energy electronics versus Tesla’s high energy electricity and is outlined in an applied patent titled ‘Low Energy Technology for Real Teleportation’ submitted: 5/2015.  The company is also working on a second patent titled Low Energy Technology Sequenced Propulsion Using Teleportation.